Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Social Media Diva Never sleeps! OMG it's Morning - Stephanie "Stephstaa McNair

Saturday's are supposed to be the days that SocialMMMDiva aka ME get's to go outside and play! But here's the flip side of that if you go outside and play on the same day your client releases the new music video to his movie, without giving you a heads up....then you're staying up doing press releases and facebook, google+, tweets, tumblr and instagram posts well into the wee hours of the morning! Which just happens to be the name of the video. Anyhoo check out the music video for the movie Sex Ain't Love....

 Stephanie "StephStaa" McNair has an awesome voice! Will Adams did such a great job with the movie clips I know you're thinking I need to see this! Well we'll be premiering in Chicago in late Sept and then we're going to do a tour to Atlanta, Oakland and whichever other cities with a strong African american presence so keep checking for us.#SexAintLOve #WillAdams #StephanieStephStaaMcNair,#AubreyMarquez #DamonWilliams #JaimeCampbell #CalvinThomas #AdeleGivens #ChicagoIndieFilms #Chicago #ACITYFULLOFSTARS #SocialMMMDivaPR

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