Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Even a Diva on the Rise sometimes feels "Awkward"!

As I move forward with growing my Social Mobile Media Marketing Agency, I sometimes come across situations where I feel a little "awkward". Like a few weeks ago I had a male client who kept calling me either after business hours. Now that wouldn't have been a problem had there been some pressing issue that required an immediate social press release or if I needed to fix an issue with his text messaging campaign, however my client just wanted to ask me if I received his e-mail earlier telling me that he was happy with the job that I was doing. While I was pleased as punch I really wish he could have waited to give me the news the next day during business hours! But nooo he had to tell me at 10:45 at night; just as I am getting ready to watch Tisha Campbell help her partner solve the crime in Lifetime's new drama the Protector , Oh and did I mention that he lingered on the phone making small talk about how his significant other was jealous that he was working with me!?! My inner Diva KK, was screaming "She has nothing to worry about here buddy. Can you just say good night and get off my phone, already! Ughh soo "awkward"!!

Now here's the thing until my new friend introduced me to a web program called "The Mis- Adventures of the Awkward Black Girl" ,I thought I was the only one who had to deal with these types of issues. Well guess what I'm not!! Innovative writer and producer Issa Rae has a hit web series on her hands, ladies!

Now the next time I feel "awkward" I'm going to take a deep breath, count to five and then check out the latest episode of "Awkward Black Girl"!

Psst you didnt hear this from me but Issa Rae, is having an Exclusive Sneak Peak Watch Party for "The MISADVENTURES of AWKWARD Black Girl"! Just click the link to view the Facebook invite!
Psst Psst Issa Rae is hosting a "Show us your Awkward" contest! Click the link for info ;-)

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