Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A year to the day after becoming a Downsized Diva .....I am offically Chief Executive Goddess of Goszip Mall

Up until February of last year (just 25 days short of 20 years, I was forced out of my position) I worked at the oldest and leading telecommunications company in America.

This is after moving 70 miles from my hometown of 40 years, just 18 months prior to stay employed. During the next 18 months the management staff went from 20 to 3. After 6 months of rising to the occasion and winning recognition awards from upper management on my performance I was let go.

Instead of wallowing in self pity and thinking of all the times I let the job come first (i.e. working 10 hour days while my late husband was recuperating from open heart surgery, returning to work 8 hours after a miscarriage) instead of the needs of my family. I tightened up those bra straps of mine and started brainstorming!

So it was this past Saturday afternoon February 6th 2010 the Downsized Diva officially launched my new mobile social shopping network and became the Chief Executive Goddess of Goszip Mall!

Now let me tell you this has been some journey, not a bad one but just full or twists & turns that I did not anticipate! I went from having 2 business partners to none at all; Three different developers were involved in the project and two actually attempted to steal the idea (in spite of the fact that they signed a non compete and confidentiality agreements with me)!

So hear me when I say it’s true what God has for you no man can keep you from receiving! Because no matter how many obstacles or how bad they seemed I accomplished my goal of getting this business off the ground and celebrating the first of many successes to come.

Chase God and the promises he has made to help you fulfill your dreams. All he asks it that you work hard and honor him! At this time I just want to say “Thank you, Lord” I love you and all the glory is yours.

Enjoy the pictures and remember if you chase God you will always end up among the stars be blessed.

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