Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Diva In A Blue Dress

That's right SocialMMMDiva set the Georgia Entertainment Gala on FIRE!! 

Okay okay maybe not on fire but I certainly had people doing a double take! This past weekend was a BDD here in Atlanta! That's right Saturday was the 3rd Annual Georgia Entertainment Gala.  I know you're wondering how did I score such a sweet invitation to an event of this caliber. Well I'm a Social Diva of course! No seriously my client director Brandon "2Mill" Thaxton was on hand to present the 2015 People to Watch in the Georgia Entertainment Industry award; which he and his business partner Errol Sadler won in 2014 for their company Supremacy Films.

So anyhoo y'all know that I wasn't about to let him go up on stage without being there to support him. And so even though I have an extreme dislike for shopping during the winter months, when all the rookies are out. I set out to the mall to find myself a bad azzz dress! For some reason on this night the stars must of all been in alignment because I went into one store and found a dress a size 7 no less (yes y'all I was shoppin in the juniors dept, don't judge me)!Then my hair challenged self couldn't find not one cousin or cousin of a cousin in Georgia to do my hair! So I called my granddaughter's mom and borrowed her cousin and she hooked me up nicely if I do say so myself. But post in the comments your thoughts.

Now it's time to head to the GWCC, so I put on my blue dress, rhinestone shoes and UBER'd away !
Mmmmhmm you guessed it roadblock here I come! Just as the driver attempt to turn down the street to the Georgia World Congress Center the police had put up a barricade! Well the driver says don't worry they do that for the general public. They're going to let us through.Uhhh NO! They didn't let us in but I noticed they let a few cab drivers in but anyhoo I didn't have time to wait I need to walk that red carpet! Umm I mean... I needed to support my client...yes support my I get out of the uber car AND walked the almost 4 blocks to the GWCC! You read that right....walked in my 5 inch heels!  It took me about 10 minutes but I wasn't sweatin' or messing my hair up! Y'all know I'm hair challenged.

As luck would have it there was no wind and no rain tonight so.... I still looked fabulous when I watched my client head on up to that stage to present this years award to the winner. Who turned out to be a good friend of the Supremacy Films family, Jasmine Burke! Did I mention that, this year it was hosted by actress Naturi Naughton of the Starz drama Power? Well it was that girl is kinda funny y' sure to check her out on Power but keep in mind that is not a comedy!

Autmun Essie Bailey-Ford the creator of the Georgia Entertainment Gala did an awesome job with this year's event and I for one can't wait to see what she has in store for the 2016 event!  

It's been real y'all I had a great time enjoy the pic's but a sista on the rise work is never done so I'ma about to be up till dawn writing press releases and letting the world know that Brandon and his wooden bow ties by Ella Bing had the Georgia World Congress Center all a buzz!

Tahtah for now....smooches

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