Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Diva's don't have time to wait for opportunity to knock! Sometimes we just have to sashay on over and make them happen! It's true while being "smart assy ain't classy" a diva has to sometimes tell people to "kiss my sass" to get things going and that is exactly what happened!

So last weekend I attended Ashley Stewart's #loveyourcurves event to support some of the other local PRGirls and my PRSister who has a new gig that requires her to be suited & booted! And while the life of a PR Gal/Social Media DIVA may look like "The Glamorous Life" that Sheila E sang about it's NOT; we're just really good at spinin' things and posting the right pictures to make it look like it is!

So anyhoo while I was soo not MYOBing and tryna get my girl to try on somethings, while I was talkin' her up to the Ashley Stewart rep. I was hoping to get her a hookup to Brand Ambassador land...yeah but the "Rep" wasn't feelin me...

You know that saying  "when one door closes another opens?" , well as the "Rep" was blowing me off ...our Shopping Angel walks by and then doubles back. She interrupts me and my PRSister from our air mouthed argument to ask if she can help us. Before my PRSister could say no, I said sure she was like great!   We spent the next 30 minutes with our Shopping Angel who pulled some great outfits for my PRSister to try on but when it was all said and done she only felt comfortable buyin a belt! WOMP WOMP. But our Shopping Angel  was not done with us!

Now y'all know how my son's always tell me not to talk to strangers? Well I'm so glad I don't listen to them on the regular! Cuz guess what y'all our Shopping Angel, turned out to be radio host Terry Tlove  from Be100! That's right the "star" of Deb Antney's network Mizay Entertainment!

Guess who she invited on her show?? That's right US! And guess what else?? We're getting makeovers! Queue the music! She's got big thoughts, big dreams....dah dah dah   She wants to lead the glamorous life

Tahtah for now ....smooches...ps enjoy the pic 

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