Saturday, June 4, 2016

Live Life Fearlessly & Fabulously

Wow, I can't believe that the day has come for me to pack the car and head back to the Bay Area! 

And here we go.....called Family Mobile and assured continuous service from ATL to NOLA to the Bay...CHECK packed ....CHECK.....lunch gassed up...CHECK....Time to roll out....

On the road again ...I can't wait to get on the road again!

Right if you know me well and by now you should, you know that I hate to drive and I'm anxious as all get out about this drive I'm about to make across country but anyhoo the Doggy Diva Diamond and I are now on I20 and headed south until it turns into I10 and takes us right on into Slidell, Lousiana!
Doggy Diva Diamond

What a beautiful drive it was from Atlanta to Alabama; believe it or not it was quick and easy too!!

Talladega Forest
Because I'm not really a fan of road trips I either stop too much or not enough and as luck would have it I probably should have stopped a bit sooner as I had to make a mad dash when I finally stopped the car.  Hang on y'all I'll be right back.

Now where was I? Oh, yeah y'all the roads are so beautiful, lush and green. The view was nice and the weather was great! My parents had me all worked up about some impending storm but God cleared the path for me and there was no rain in sight. I was zooming along as fearlessly and fabulously as could be!

YES, y'all I wore my tiara to give  me a bit of confidence!

As I'm rolling through Mississippi my phone rings it's a really good guy friend of mines calling to ask if I'd gone back to the Bay Area to watch the NBA  West Coast Semi-Finals series between OKC and my BELOVED Golden State Warriors. Well, I had to come clean and admit that while I was on my way back to the Bay....I wouldn't be going to the games and that I probably wouldn't get home until sometime during the Finals. After, giving my brother from another mother the run down on my return to our beloved California and in particular our "Bay Area" ...he surprised me with telling me how he loved the fact that I was kick ass and FEARLESS!

But before I could get him to explain the line went dead and I couldn't get a signal until the Doggy Diva Diamond and I rolled right into Slidell!

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But before I go find those Glambabies of mine.......  What does the word fearless mean to you? I'm not sure if that word can be used to describe me, however, I'm honored that someone thinks that it does!  Let's talk about this some more as I continue on to the Bay! 
But for now here's how the dictionary describes the word. 



   1. without fear; bold or brave