Monday, May 30, 2016

Continue to Dream

I’m down to my last 4 days here in Atlanta and I’m still attending advance screenings right up to the end!  I sure hope the West Coast PR Reps from the various studios and film festivals are as generous to me. Not sure though because there aren’t as many premieres and advanced screening events in the Bay Area. But anyhoo let me tell you about my latest adventure.
On Wednesday, evening I head over to the Landmark theatre to attend the advance screening of Presenting Princess Shaw, and as with all of the shows that I am allowed to attend an advanced screening for, I do a bit of research on the movie before I go. While I was at Starbucks, saying goodbye and working on a new project with one of my sisterfriends, I took a peek at the trailer. It looked really interesting it seemed to be a modern day Cinderella story about a youtuber of color!  Sound familiar? Well we’ll see…
Anyway since they gave me two tickets and I’m down to my last few days in Atlanta, I decided to ask this younger guy who I think is totally hot and haute to accompany me, and as always he said, YES!  
Unfortunately, though I lost track of time when I was working on my project with my sisterfriend and there was no time for me to go home to make myself younger than I really am (GG’s quick ginger, lemon, hot pepper scrub, normally does the trick).  So instead I’m in the ladies’ room pouring ice from the concession stand into my hand and holding my freshly washed face into it.  It helps some, the shine is gone and those bags under my eyes (stayed up too late packing) are now easily covered with makeup.  
Finally, it’s 7 and my friend has arrived. He smells sooo good that I can barely focus.
Anyhoo, the movie is starting so we grab a couple of seats and as we do this great husky yet very soft and feminine yet powerful voice, is filling the theater. And even though Princess Shaw has an awesome voice I’m totally distracted because this man smells so freakin good and he’s leaning in so we can talk about the movie like Black people do (focus Diva focus).
Meanwhile on the screen the story of Princess Shaw and her amazing voice is unfolding, her journey to reaching her dreams of becoming a famous singer. We see her struggling to keep a roof over her head and the lights on as so many of us do here in the good ole US of A, especially those of us with a creative artsy spirit.  Princess Shaw has such a calming and uplifting spirit through-out her journey, most often than not she is very positive and keeps chasing her dreams no matter what happens. Through the disappointment of family and friends not supporting her by coming out to hear her sing or dealing with hurt from her past, she keeps pressing forward, unaware that her world is about to change!

You know, my pastor is always saying that we should not lose sight of our dreams and to dream bigger, because if we do not grow weary and give up we will achieve all our dreams (Galatians 6:9)! And Princess Shaw is doing exactly that! Even though she was growing weary, especially after not making it as a contestant on the voice and then they took the tires off her car and left it sitting on blocks. She kept pushing on. As I get ready to move back across the country this story resonates with me…as the time is fast approaching where I just may find myself in a dead end job waiting to die….anyhoo enough about me. Back to the movie. The best part about this movie was as the viewer, we shared a happy secret about what was going to happen next for Princess Shaw with Kutiman, who Princess had yet to meet! When Princess Shaw is finally made aware of her guardian angel, I wanted to cry.  I’m not going to tell you all of it but I strongly encourage you to watch the trailer below and check it out at your local theater.

This story was amazing!

Ta-ta for now I’m off to chase my next adventure.  

O, yeah remember to dream and chase your dreams feverishly… 

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