Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lemon Martini Cupcakes & Accepting My Blerdiness

When I was a child people asked me why did I always try to "act white". I didn't know what they meant and would look back at them with a blank stare, and say WHAT?! As I got older people in college called me a "wannabe" because I didn't smoke weed, I actually went to class and did my homework.  As a new Telco employee the young ladies didn't speak to me because I came to work in a suit( as opposed to PJ's) and wait for it I worked! Actually volunteered for special projects, no less. Loved to read more than watch TV Octavia Butler was one of my fav's which made most think I was weird.

This has been my life over the years accused of being "bougie" , a "nerd" and everything but a child of Jesus! I tell ya! Anyway sometime late in the spring of 13 on twitter I found them! 

That's right those known as BLERDS! Or Black Nerds aka Black Geeks MY PEOPLE! And now on Thursday nights I connect with THEM! And I eat lemon martini cupcakes and it's just freaking awesome! We talk about everything from Technology, News,Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, Thundercats, Gem and my new word & thing Afrofuturism! Not sure what the heck that is check out the definition below! Finally at almost 50 I found my people other blacks who reject living the stereotyped Boys in the Hood/Wire lifestyle!  This is ME doing "Black" MY way they BLERD way! 

  For me #AfroFuturism is depictions of the future involving the participation + contributions of the African diaspora #blerdchat

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