Saturday, June 7, 2014

Time Flies When You're Trying To Rise!

WOW can you believe it's June already?! Where did the time go? IDK but anyhoo let me catch you up so I landed a temp gig back with the Evil Corporate Telco Giant and guess what they aren't quite so evil anymore!! Or maybe they have just been humbled because they found out it's a DIGITAL WORLD and the young people aren't tryna be tied up with POTS(Plain Ole Telephone Service) anymore! So yea a Diva has been busy learning the new job, attending tweet chats, hosting tweet chats re-branding myself the "Sassie Awards" new transmedia agency "The Socially Haute"and best of all tryna get settled in the new spot! Oh yeah and as you can see from the picture the Doggy Diva is back baby!

Anyhoo life has been good so I guess that's why time has been flying by as I ascent to where I BELONG AT THE TOP! 

Check out a few pic's from some of this years adventures below and if you want more head on over to my tumblr blog that is full of my sassie adventures! if the link doesn't work for you just copy and past this in your browser


  1. Karen, I just love to read about your adventures, especially the sassie ones. How exciting it must be to be you, savvy in the communication ways of today AND tomorrow! Going here, there, and everywhere, and always looking professional and beautiful. I'll be cheering on the sidelines as you ascend to the TOP!

    1. Hey Aunt Juana, thanks so much for reading! I do like using all the new tech and blogging with tumble and here are just electronic versions of those journals I used to carry around as a kid. One for pictures whether I drew them or cut from the papers and one for my stories and the world as I see it....I want to applaud you for being so adventurous to click the links that you see on facebook! And I rally appreciate you for cheering me on...I've found the last 3yrs of my life to be much harder to navigate than the first 44 were.