Monday, June 16, 2014

Today Is A Good Day To Scare Somebody !

GG always said that a little competition was good for the soul!

It's not my fault that some folks are scared of it. But anyhoo let's scare somebody today!! Go to the Social Media Day Atlanta's web page (click the link or past url and nominate me for the #Top 100 Social Media Experts and Personalities in Atlanta! 

Pls vote for @SocialMMMDiva in the race for #TOP100 at #SMDayATL14 All you have to do is tweet the following
I nominate @SocialMMMDiva for the #TOP100 at #SMDayATL14 
Go here

Tweet this I nominate @SocialMMMDiva for the #TOP100 at #SMDayATL14 

Tell your friends too!

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