Friday, June 13, 2014

To Pecha Kucha Or Not To Pecha Kucha!

As I attempt to rise to the top of this Social Marketing Frontier, I've come to understand that just like in the days of the "Wild Wild West" no one and I mean NO ONE is past suspicion! People that you would have never dreamed of think of you as competition! With me being the ruthless competitor; her father raised her to be they really don't want to compete with me!

So anyhoo, as I entered the venue with every intention of backing out of the event. Who oh who do I see? Someone I know that has it in for me! And guess what?! Yep you guessed it they were trying to be a last minute participant in this evenings event! So I whispered to myself, "Tonight's the "BIG Night"! I'll be doing my 1st Pecha Kucha! And then I whispered to God, "Thanks for the motivation". And I know that you didn't bring me this far to fail! So here I go pushing through the fear and yes even the bravest of us sometimes (at the last minute)become fearful. But YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE or YOLO as the young folks say!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and please note that just as I coach my clients about every opportunity is a chance to spread your brand...I'm using the space on my shirt to tastefully promote my twitter handle (actually how you can find me on most social networks)!

And as my mother aka Itty Bitty says when we don't want to do something that we know we really want to do 1-2-3 it's showtime baby!


  1. One of the times I was afraid but did it any way was the first convention where I was responsible for every little paper clip, microphone, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and every other facet of a 3-day medical conference and trade show. I checked everything and checked it again and when opening day arrived I knew I was ready but my heart was pounding and butterflies were flying! After the first 15 minutes, though, I knew I was right where I was suppose to be. It was basically having 3000 people come over for a big party. I love hospitality so I was in my element. Not that there weren't some glitches here and there, but I fixed them or knew who could. My biggest mistake in 20+ years of event planning -- I chose fish for the lunch entree. I thought well, we're in San Diego, a good place for seafood, so why not. I'll tell you why not; it's impossible to serve a delicate Tilapia fillet to 500 people at the same time and have it hold it's peak perfection. You never saw so many still-full plates on the tables as the lunch ended and my people were off to the next session or trade show. I learned that lesson and I pass it on to whomever can benefit from my mistake!

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry that that happened. After all the hard work you put in to make sure everything else was picture perfect!But at least you learned from your mistake and have been gracious enough to teach others from your mistakes.