Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't forget the sugar please!

What a roller coaster of a week I had last week!

I remember when I was little, GG used to say,"KK you get more fly’s with sugar than vinegar baby.” So with that said I struggled to keep my sweet disposition through it all. Here's what happened.

Run in's with other Social Media Consultants in my network. One in particular who continually messages me at least three times a week for help in getting numbers to her events & clients pages up; so today before she could start I asked her for help, with a last minute project and she logged off!

Next up on the Frustration Network, newbies on the scene who want to connect and collaborate to benefit from my social media “Klout”; yet when it comes time to actually work on the project, they were not able to sync their schedule to mine(code for I want the glory but I ain't gonna do much work). You guessed it I was left to "CMB" and fulfill our commitment on my own!!

Showing at 4 p.m. Friday on the Frustration Network, we have recruiters calling with your dream job offer and complementing salary in the city that you have just vacated! With a special segment on “We love you,we're in your new city but we refuse to pay you a decent wage!”

Yep that's right I had 2 lemon drop shots at “Happy Hour” and told the bartender don’t forget the sugar on the rim please!

Cheers! And here’s to next week….

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Even a Diva on the Rise sometimes feels "Awkward"!

As I move forward with growing my Social Mobile Media Marketing Agency, I sometimes come across situations where I feel a little "awkward". Like a few weeks ago I had a male client who kept calling me either after business hours. Now that wouldn't have been a problem had there been some pressing issue that required an immediate social press release or if I needed to fix an issue with his text messaging campaign, however my client just wanted to ask me if I received his e-mail earlier telling me that he was happy with the job that I was doing. While I was pleased as punch I really wish he could have waited to give me the news the next day during business hours! But nooo he had to tell me at 10:45 at night; just as I am getting ready to watch Tisha Campbell help her partner solve the crime in Lifetime's new drama the Protector , Oh and did I mention that he lingered on the phone making small talk about how his significant other was jealous that he was working with me!?! My inner Diva KK, was screaming "She has nothing to worry about here buddy. Can you just say good night and get off my phone, already! Ughh soo "awkward"!!

Now here's the thing until my new friend introduced me to a web program called "The Mis- Adventures of the Awkward Black Girl" ,I thought I was the only one who had to deal with these types of issues. Well guess what I'm not!! Innovative writer and producer Issa Rae has a hit web series on her hands, ladies!

Now the next time I feel "awkward" I'm going to take a deep breath, count to five and then check out the latest episode of "Awkward Black Girl"!

Psst you didnt hear this from me but Issa Rae, is having an Exclusive Sneak Peak Watch Party for "The MISADVENTURES of AWKWARD Black Girl"! Just click the link to view the Facebook invite!
Psst Psst Issa Rae is hosting a "Show us your Awkward" contest! Click the link for info ;-)

Introducing #BeUplifted Twitter Chats! Starts 7/28 @ 2pm

Be Blogalicious | Jul 19, 2011 |Please note this guest post was written by Adrienne Sheares
Founder, I Heart Social Media DC

The Social Niche is launching a new Twitter campaign entitled #BeUplifted during Blogalicious Weekend, the only blogging conference celebrating diversity in social media. As part of that campaign, The Social Niche will host pre-event Twitter chats starting on Thursdays at 2 p.m. to recognize our bloggers who have supported and attended Blogalicious Weekend throughout the years. In anticipation of the October conference we are inviting all of our Blogalicious Weekend Alumni to be a part of the #BeUplifted campaign. Being Blogalicous is one thing, but being Blogalicious and uplifting one another, well that’s just all around fabulous!

Each week there will be a blogger spotlight featuring bloggers who have attended Blogalicious Weekends in the past. The goal is for selected bloggers to discuss their blog, share how they made their blog successful and share some of their favorite Blogalicious Weekend moments with the audience.

We are pleased to announce Chicago-based beauty blogger extraordinaire Patrice Yursik of as our first #BeUplifted blogger. Inspired by R&B sensation Prince, she recently launched All of My Purple Life lipglass with MAC cosmetics in June. The product sold out in just a few days! Patrice has been a major supporter of Blogalicious Weekend and we can’t wait to speak with her about her success as a reporter–turned-beauty blogger.
#BeUplifted Twitter Chat Details:

Who: Anyone who wants to network & listen to Afrobella tell all about beauty and blogging
What: Twitter chat party
When: Thursday, July 28, 2pm EST
Where: #BeUplifted on Twitter
Topic: @AfroBella

Chat Hosts:



Please note this guest6 post was written by Adrienne Sheares
Founder, I Heart Social Media DC

A year to the day after becoming a Downsized Diva .....I am offically Chief Executive Goddess of Goszip Mall

Up until February of last year (just 25 days short of 20 years, I was forced out of my position) I worked at the oldest and leading telecommunications company in America.

This is after moving 70 miles from my hometown of 40 years, just 18 months prior to stay employed. During the next 18 months the management staff went from 20 to 3. After 6 months of rising to the occasion and winning recognition awards from upper management on my performance I was let go.

Instead of wallowing in self pity and thinking of all the times I let the job come first (i.e. working 10 hour days while my late husband was recuperating from open heart surgery, returning to work 8 hours after a miscarriage) instead of the needs of my family. I tightened up those bra straps of mine and started brainstorming!

So it was this past Saturday afternoon February 6th 2010 the Downsized Diva officially launched my new mobile social shopping network and became the Chief Executive Goddess of Goszip Mall!

Now let me tell you this has been some journey, not a bad one but just full or twists & turns that I did not anticipate! I went from having 2 business partners to none at all; Three different developers were involved in the project and two actually attempted to steal the idea (in spite of the fact that they signed a non compete and confidentiality agreements with me)!

So hear me when I say it’s true what God has for you no man can keep you from receiving! Because no matter how many obstacles or how bad they seemed I accomplished my goal of getting this business off the ground and celebrating the first of many successes to come.

Chase God and the promises he has made to help you fulfill your dreams. All he asks it that you work hard and honor him! At this time I just want to say “Thank you, Lord” I love you and all the glory is yours.

Enjoy the pictures and remember if you chase God you will always end up among the stars be blessed.