Thursday, September 27, 2012

What The Heck Is Going On?

Ok so when we last left off, Diamond and I were headed to my girl Josie’s spot until the New Year or I landed that dream job and could afford my own space. Hmm or so I thought!  But we all know that two women can’t live in the same space for more than 30 days…so anyhoo here’s what happened.
So this snippet of a man I’ll call him Lenny to protect the guilty. Was my car driver and friend he picked me up took me to Josie’s  helped me rent a car with an out of state license which in Georgia for some reason you almost need the state congress to pass an act on your behalf! (OK so who was visiting an acted that big a fool where black folks can’t now rent a car??? Who did it?) O oh yeah where was I … so he rents a car for me in his name and next thing I know Josie is tryna take over!!  She took off in the car making me miss my interview!! Where did she go you ask??? To the all important space of the GYM?! WTH??? I was so pissed but yea free rent …free rent …and after calling Lenny I made it to the airport just fine to catch the next flight to Jacksonville …yep I had what I thought was a lock interview with the 3rd largest supermarket chain in the southeast. 
TOUCHDOWN!! I’m in Jacksonville the company that I am interviewing with rented me a drop top Bentley for the day so yea I’m floating thinking  I”VE GOT THIS JOB!  Until the President and Vice President of the company walk out and I can see by the look on his face that he didn’t Google me his self and that the VP and Recruiter forgot to tell him that I was black!  Because even though I was the only person in the waiting room he was looking around as if he expected someone else!  On the inside I was LMAO!! On the outside I was as cool as could be.  The interview was AWESOME! They had me in there for like 4 hours!! We drove over to a few of the stores to meet potential “brand ambassadors”. They then had me swing by a couple of those executive apartment places to “pick out” where I wanted to live I was hecka juiced. So I leave Jacksonville pretty darned excited about my future.
Meanwhile back in Atlanta, Josie has gone through all of my things and a few pairs of my underwear have gone missing. My Doggy Diva is acting strange won’t come out of her crate if you paid her to ! I am like WTH?? Is going on ? 

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