Friday, August 26, 2016

Fiercely Fighting To Be Fearless

You know what they say about never being able to go home again? Welp, it's true...ok well not entirely but to some degree it is...I mean think about it. Think about how much you've changed since you set out to explore the world and try new things. And then think about how some in your inner circle have not! And while this isn't necessarily a bad thing it is a thing!

Because while you are proud of the changes that you've made both in your lifestyle and character, your loved ones don't exactly feel the same way. While they may be  proud of the financial and or professional gains they are more than just a tad bit confused, intimidated and fearful by other changes that they see in you!    And while you'll find this disheartening it's not a bad thing or the end of the world. OR at least it shouldn't be! But let met tell you that fear changes people.

Believe you me, fear can make the sweetest person you know turn into #@$%^& as they try to protect their loved one and the world as they know it from what they don't understand or are fearful of. Since I've been back I've been warned by everyone that the city has changed and that I might not want to go here because someone was shot around that area last week. Or are you sure you want to take that Uber to the city? I heard on the news a few months ago that an Uber driver attacked their passenger.

While we love our family we must be careful to not allow them to project their fears of the unknown or what they don’t understand on us! Some of the people that you are closest to are the same people who keep you trapped in the fearful zone when you're working so hard to be fearless.