Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Think I Found The Perfect .....

OMG !! Y'all I think I found the perfect job! 

So everyone knows that I am slightly hair challenged, right?  After taking out my braids that I wore from the time I gave birth to my son until 2011; learning to do my hair and look good for 8 consecutive hours is just a bit much! Especially in this Hotlanta humidity!

I know I know some of you are saying what does that have to do with the "perfect job"?  EVERYTHING! Last week I went on a job interview at McBride Research in Decatur, Georgia. now when the recruiter first told me about the job I was like, Mc Bride Research what kind of gadgets do they make?  But to my surprise they didn’t make gadgets! They make Hair Care products!! And for African American women at that! I was like this could get interesting so I do what I always do when I have hair issues I reached out to the “Server set” aka 20 of my 30 first cousins on my mother’s side of the family. I love how things have progressed over the years no more sending a group message over AT&T’s voicemail system I pulled out my phone and sent a text that went to our family’s facebook page and everyone’s cell phones! Yep I turned to my cousins or sister cousins as we like to say because we’re close like sisters. Well y’all know that about 8 of them do hair professionally and well the other 12 have great looking hair just because. I must have gotten my hair handling skill sets from the Rogers side….sigh.. anyhoo I sent out the call for help to find out about McBride Research and their signature product Design Essentials. Well the first few responses were very sarcastic! Three of the “cousins” were like really KK…seriously? And then my cousin Misti posted to the page, “look dumb dumb!” Those are the products that I used in your hair back in January when I took your weave down! Remember you said,”OMG my hair smells like peppermint pops”. Yes y’all I really said that! Side eye roll to Misti for remembering and busting me out on the family FB page.

So then I posted, Why are they not more popular with the “hair challenged” sista’s like me?  Every last one of the cousins started posting these crazy emoticons! Not really sure what that was about…I tell ya family can be rough on you. I mean do I give them the side eye roll when they ask me crazy questions about tech stuff?! _______________ 0__O Ok so yeah sometimes I do but anyhoo. It’s not about me! Well yeah it is…so ok they tell me that this stuff is better than anything the other major African American Hair Care companies are offering! As a matter of fact 16 out of 20 cousins say the only thing they buy from the other companies is the HOT SIX Oil!  O yeah 4 of my cousins that live in the Southeast part of the country, agreed to do my hair for free if I got them a sample of this stuff! 

Fast forward to the day of the interview. I’m nervous but I’m armed with all my social media and tech info plus the Haute Hair Care gossip from the “Server set”. 

When I get there the office is nice but let me tell you it smells Divine in there. Just like peppermint pops! I give the receptionist my name and YES her hair was FABULOUS!  She took my name and asked me to be seated while she contacted the ladies who would be interviewing me.In just a few minutes out walks Shana one of the interviewers and immediately I was envious! Why you ask? Because she is rocking braids! O how I so desperately want to be in Corporate America with my braids back! Not sure why the rule is to not be that ethnic until after you’ve been there six weeks! I mean really if they hate my hair that much they’ll just find an excuse to fire me anyway right?? But yes she was rockin’ braids. We chatted for a while then comes in Polly the other interviewer and she has a great natural do as well. I feel like a fish out of water with this weave! When it was all said and done I dazzled them (or at least I think I did) with all of my Social Media and Social Tech knowledge. I tell them that the “Server set” loves their products and an hour ½ later the interview is over! But on my way out I got gifts! That’s right I said gifts!  I got a gorgeous designer gift bag full of goodies and as luck would have it one of my cousins made a surprise visit and HOOKED UP MY HAIR!!

I hope you enjoy the picture of my peppermint pop smelling hair! And let’s all pray I get the job! Because it will be my personal mission to make sure this stuff is not a “Stylists Secret” but that even the hair challenged such as myself get to have hair that smells like the yummy peppermint pops, all the time!  I know you're probably saying wait wait you haven't told us why this is the perfect job! Well here it is that at 40+, I may just finally learn to take care of my hair and use the right products to keep it looking good! Without alienating the “Server set” 

*Note the interviewers names have been changed to protect their privacy. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The first day back after a holiday, always seems to take FOREVER to get through!

But I'm here to help you get through it!

Ok in order to pull this off you're gonna need to do your hair & throw on some gloss!

Now pull out your phone hit the play button on the video and DO THE SELFIE!

If you're an extrovert go post your pic in the notes!