Monday, December 16, 2013

Learning To Code With Friends & Lemon Cupcakes

The road to being a successful entrepreneur comes with many obstacles to cross! After 3 months of planning today was our inaugural Computer Science Education Week participation with the launch of our Cupcake & Code event. I was so excited but as luck would have it as usual we hit a snag! # days before the event I had an asthma attack and then the night before and the day of I had a fever of 102!!
But the show must go on right? I mean we had 30+ women RSVP to learn to build code, share the challenges and eat cupcakes with us! So I put on my SASSIE pants downed 2 doses of tussin and headed to the Microsoft Store. With help of 2 very supportive friends and group of women with an abundance of patience, the show went on. My friends propped me up in a chair helped me greet my contact Brant from Tumblr and restructure the event so I could just "lean in" and coach the ladies to success! And that is exactly what happened the ladies all pulled out their tablets,phones and laptops. Then pulled up the website and took turns coming to the stage and using the puzzle method to piece together the logic of how coding works. Take a look at our facebook page for more info on the event The Sassies Awards Festival

And now to bed I go!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Winter Is For Cupcakes And.....

Winter is for cupcakes, new friends and learning to write basic code!  Or at least that's what I am trying to reprogram a certain group of women to think. This December 14th I will be back at the Microsoft Store at Lenox Mall here in Atlanta from 11am to 2pm.
I am really excited & hopeful that we can get more women between the ages of 25-45 who are looking to change careers to come out. And I am so grateful that my good friend Tiffany Simpkins Russell is coming to speak & inspire the ladies to create their own webpages and apps. . Now if only I can get some of the local bakeries to donate cupcakes it will be an awesome event!  So if you know of a good bakery send them my way  Be sure to like the event on Facebook or rsvp on Eventbrite.
TT4N Smooches

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Tangy Sweet Surprise, Just What The Diva Needed!

Just like the mythical bird the Phoenix, this here Downsized Diva has been known to rise from the ashes of this roller coaster life, she leads and have some pretty freakin awesome moments!  I mean in the month of August I did so many wonderful things!

For instance just a few weeks ago I got to visit the set of Supremacy Films upcoming blockbuster CurveBall starring Rockmond Dunbar and Lynn Whitfield. While I have yet to meet the leading actor and actress of the film, I have had the pleasure of meeting the Producer and  Director Errol Sanders and Brandon "2 Mill" Thaxton! These guys are amazing!  I was so geeked out listening to all of the creativity and industry knowledge that was flowing around the Starbucks where we met. If you know anything about this Diva you know how she loves stimulating conversation. 

Did someone say stimulating conversation? Well then you need to head to twitter! OMG I finialy found where the exciting "Black people" hang out! Ok ok so I've known all along where there were but I just found some of the coolest #hashtags ever like #blerd #blerdnation  #FHchat #Ebonychat & #nerdland #Lunchtimedebates; OM the wonderful thought provoking conversations thta I had last month! My mind is still reeling 

Speaking of reeling, did I tell ya that I was the featured speaker at Film Atlanta!? Welp I was! It was totally awesome! I love telling people about the right way to use the social tools to grow their personal brand. stay tuned to all of my blogs, facebook posts and tweets to find out more about upcoming classes and seminars that I'll be doing at Film Atlanta.

Some of the highlights that were not related to work was getting to attend a taping of the new BET Comic View with the host Sommore and attending a few free festival's at Piedmont Park and Atlantic Station.

Y'all it's true the only way to really enjoy life is with extra sugar on your Lemon Drop shot's! So you guessed it I'm off to enjoy...  tah tah for now..;-) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's true just plant a seed and watch it grow!

It's true what Big Momma used to say that if you plant a seed. all you have to do is stand back and watch it grow! And fortunately and sometimes unfortunately it's the same about your reputation too! As I have embarked on the path of re-branding myself I have had to be very careful of who I align myself with and the things that I do and say both In Real Life and in the Digital Socialsphere too! Because before you know it someone can plant that seed that you're either "freakin awesome" and open doors for you or they can say "she hangs out with unethical people don't trust her!" Recently I got a new roommate and when she first arrived at the apartment she would only say hi to me and then run into her room. Finally one day she was in need of assistance and there was no one else around but me. She came to me and asked for help; being the uber superfriendly diva that I am, I did! After a few more friendly interactions she confessed, that the reason she didn't speak to me the first week of staying in the apartment, was that our other roommate had told her some pretty negative things about me. As his intent was to keep us from being friendly for what ever conniving reasons he may have had but let's just say that when you walk with God your little Sugar Honey Diva light just shines right on through and everyone sees the goodness in you. Anyhoo watch how the young boy in the Lorax plants the seed that tree's are a good thing for the community and see how fast it grows! Have an awesome Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nothing like a short story & a Lemon Drop Shot!

Life is nothing but a bunch of short stories! Some make us laugh some make us cry but all go good with a "Lemon Drop" and a piece of humble pie. Coffee House+ Hopeless Romantic + Cute Guy = Love Connection?? The best stories are short & sweet. Look at the video to get an idea of what I'm looking for and then post your best 6 word love story!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rising to the top sometimes includes re-inventing!

Taking a break from the blog posts that chronicle what is actually happening in my life as I attempt to get this Social  Media Marketing agency off the ground. So much has happened that I no longer feel this is blog is the right space to tell this just come back and read the tell all book I write when I rise from the fiery storm. But until then know that sometimes rising to the top includes re-inventing ones self! With that said
take a look at how the lead character in the movie "Rango" re-invented himself? Given the opportunity how would you re-invent yourself? Posts your thoughts below.