Saturday, April 16, 2016

OMG Can You Believe It?!

OMG where has the time gone???

I can't believe it's April already!

Seems like just last week it was March 17th and I was attending the Red Carpet Premiere of Barber Shop The Next Cut ! 

Y'all that movie was soo good! If you're going to the opening tonight or for a matinee this weekend to support the "Black Out" movement you're going to have a great time!

The movie was comfortable it felt like we were looking in on a group of our old friends; possibly from our own local barbershop or beauty salon. Although I must admit it was a bit out of character to have both the stylist and barbers performing work on their clients in the same room. I know my girls back home in the Bay would not be cool with getting their weaves sewn in with some fine men in the room!

Anyway for the purpose of laying out the storyline for this movie the ladies appeared to be cool with it. The new main characters played by Common, Nicki Minaj and Regina Hall seemed to fit very well with the established characters from the 1st two films and the storylines flowed so easily, one might get caught up and forget that they weren't in the other films.

Cube & Cedric did a great job not only with how well the new characters fit in but also how they approached the subject of the real life gang wars that the southside of Chicago residents are being forced to deal with today.

So grab your keys, a sweater your kids, girls or a date and get out there and support  Barber Shop The Next Cut ! 

Here's a few pic's from the premiere that I was blessed to attend.

I really enjoy this part of blogging! I get invited to movie screenings and screenings of new TV shows and web series all the time, however the best part is getting to see the stars at the priemeres because from time to time every diva needs the glitter and glitz from time to time.

Anyhoo grab your keys, a sweater, your kids, girls or a date and get out there and support  Barber Shop The Next Cut !