Monday, May 28, 2012

Is this for real????

After the party and the after party I got back to the parents spot just in time to finish packing and put Diamond in her dog crate to make my 11am flight…yep you guessed it my “Boomer” parents got me to SFO with 3 hours to take off!
I’m like WTH?? Because you know if I’da left straight from Sacramento, my Cousin T would have dropped me off with like 45 mins.  to check-in. Anyhoo Daddyo got me, Diamond and all 4 bags securely checked in on AirTran’s & then he made me cry as he squeezed me tightly said I love you and come back to me. Now you have to know the history to know why this impacted me so….but there is not enough space in this blog post for all of that and I don’t feel like cryin right now! Sooo moving on.
There was this lil girl tryna get on my flight, flying stand by however when you do that AirTran’s will not let you check a bag so I helped the lil thang out. What the heck was I thinking that “Act of Kindness” cost me $75! O well it’s gonna bring me good karma later on right?? Right! Wink wink. So Diamond and I head on up to wait for the flight…she had everyone in the waiting area eating out of her hand…playing to the kids and old people…but why was she being a lil hater and barking at every brother that came near me?? Ughh time to board ….see you in a few.
So all excited and bright-eyed Diamond and I land in Hotlanta a real nice southern gentleman helps me with my bags and gets me a car service. I call my girl, my lil sister one of my A.C.E.S and she says, “My bad girl, were you coming today? I got married last night, uh yeah you can’t stay with me!” and hung up! I am like WTH??? Is this real??  Lucky I already knew how flighty this chick was so I had a back –up roommate situation lined up and hopped in the car service off to my new temp home.....O don't think that I just rode off into the sunset all happy and that you're all caught up! I just need a moment to pull myself together and finish the story so ....check back soon for the drama!

Tata for now....