Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's true just plant a seed and watch it grow!

It's true what Big Momma used to say that if you plant a seed. all you have to do is stand back and watch it grow! And fortunately and sometimes unfortunately it's the same about your reputation too! As I have embarked on the path of re-branding myself I have had to be very careful of who I align myself with and the things that I do and say both In Real Life and in the Digital Socialsphere too! Because before you know it someone can plant that seed that you're either "freakin awesome" and open doors for you or they can say "she hangs out with unethical people don't trust her!" Recently I got a new roommate and when she first arrived at the apartment she would only say hi to me and then run into her room. Finally one day she was in need of assistance and there was no one else around but me. She came to me and asked for help; being the uber superfriendly diva that I am, I did! After a few more friendly interactions she confessed, that the reason she didn't speak to me the first week of staying in the apartment, was that our other roommate had told her some pretty negative things about me. As his intent was to keep us from being friendly for what ever conniving reasons he may have had but let's just say that when you walk with God your little Sugar Honey Diva light just shines right on through and everyone sees the goodness in you. Anyhoo watch how the young boy in the Lorax plants the seed that tree's are a good thing for the community and see how fast it grows! Have an awesome Day!