Monday, December 16, 2013

Learning To Code With Friends & Lemon Cupcakes

The road to being a successful entrepreneur comes with many obstacles to cross! After 3 months of planning today was our inaugural Computer Science Education Week participation with the launch of our Cupcake & Code event. I was so excited but as luck would have it as usual we hit a snag! # days before the event I had an asthma attack and then the night before and the day of I had a fever of 102!!
But the show must go on right? I mean we had 30+ women RSVP to learn to build code, share the challenges and eat cupcakes with us! So I put on my SASSIE pants downed 2 doses of tussin and headed to the Microsoft Store. With help of 2 very supportive friends and group of women with an abundance of patience, the show went on. My friends propped me up in a chair helped me greet my contact Brant from Tumblr and restructure the event so I could just "lean in" and coach the ladies to success! And that is exactly what happened the ladies all pulled out their tablets,phones and laptops. Then pulled up the website and took turns coming to the stage and using the puzzle method to piece together the logic of how coding works. Take a look at our facebook page for more info on the event The Sassies Awards Festival

And now to bed I go!