Monday, August 1, 2011

Don't forget the sugar please!

What a roller coaster of a week I had last week!

I remember when I was little, GG used to say,"KK you get more fly’s with sugar than vinegar baby.” So with that said I struggled to keep my sweet disposition through it all. Here's what happened.

Run in's with other Social Media Consultants in my network. One in particular who continually messages me at least three times a week for help in getting numbers to her events & clients pages up; so today before she could start I asked her for help, with a last minute project and she logged off!

Next up on the Frustration Network, newbies on the scene who want to connect and collaborate to benefit from my social media “Klout”; yet when it comes time to actually work on the project, they were not able to sync their schedule to mine(code for I want the glory but I ain't gonna do much work). You guessed it I was left to "CMB" and fulfill our commitment on my own!!

Showing at 4 p.m. Friday on the Frustration Network, we have recruiters calling with your dream job offer and complementing salary in the city that you have just vacated! With a special segment on “We love you,we're in your new city but we refuse to pay you a decent wage!”

Yep that's right I had 2 lemon drop shots at “Happy Hour” and told the bartender don’t forget the sugar on the rim please!

Cheers! And here’s to next week….