Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 the year I Kicked Fear in the ...

As I look back on 2016, I saw myself take on things that I’d previously spent years sweeping under the rug!  But after passing out at the convenience store and ending up in ICU; I finally had to deal with the fact that the “fibroids” were back and with a vengeance!  AND they came with a little friend; that’s right they told me they found a black spot that was more than likely cancer but they wouldn’t and couldn’t know for sure until they extracted my uterus!  As luck, would have it, the doctors in Georgia decided that my blood count was too low for surgery (ok so they may have had to give me 11 1/2 bags of blood the day before) and this is where my fight to live my life without the fear of being accepted by others begin.

Here's the thing when you’re facing death you kinda don’t give a flip about what people think of the choices you’re making in life anymore. So, I quit what looked like it was going to be a great job and relied on money solely from blogging and tweeting as an influencer to live off, during my cross-country adventure. Yep, I’d decided to leave Atlanta and drive across the country stopping to visit everyone I love while doing the things I enjoy doing one last time. Not to mention a few new adventures.

My son and parents thought that I was crazy! I mean after all for the last six years or more I hadn’t been able to see very well when driving at night and would have panic attacks too. O-yeah did I mention, I’ve never driven more than 200 miles alone the whole time that I’ve been driving. Well, I hadn’t! But guess what I did just fine (read all about it)!

Sometimes the best thing you can do to push yourself closer to where you want to be in life is stop listening to those who love and want to protect you! To just take a blind leap of faith! Don’t worry about what people will say or if they will accept the decisions that you make. Just do it! One of two things will happen, either they will be there to help celebrate your success or not and if they’re not there they weren’t really in your corner anyway.

2016 was my year to finally live my life without the fear of acceptance, to live my life fiercely and fearlessly. To learn to make people accept me flaws and all! And that is exactly what happened.

As you set about picking a “theme” for your resolutions or goals for 2017, I caution you to choose it wisely because words are more than words! The things that we speak over our lives often become reality!  Because had anyone told me that I was going to have the adventures that I did last year when I said, I was going to be fearless in 2016, I would have chosen a different “theme”!

What am I rolling with for 2017 not sure yet gonna take my time and decide really really carefully.
Happy New Year!