Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Tangy Sweet Surprise, Just What The Diva Needed!

Just like the mythical bird the Phoenix, this here Downsized Diva has been known to rise from the ashes of this roller coaster life, she leads and have some pretty freakin awesome moments!  I mean in the month of August I did so many wonderful things!

For instance just a few weeks ago I got to visit the set of Supremacy Films upcoming blockbuster CurveBall starring Rockmond Dunbar and Lynn Whitfield. While I have yet to meet the leading actor and actress of the film, I have had the pleasure of meeting the Producer and  Director Errol Sanders and Brandon "2 Mill" Thaxton! These guys are amazing!  I was so geeked out listening to all of the creativity and industry knowledge that was flowing around the Starbucks where we met. If you know anything about this Diva you know how she loves stimulating conversation. 

Did someone say stimulating conversation? Well then you need to head to twitter! OMG I finialy found where the exciting "Black people" hang out! Ok ok so I've known all along where there were but I just found some of the coolest #hashtags ever like #blerd #blerdnation  #FHchat #Ebonychat & #nerdland #Lunchtimedebates; OM the wonderful thought provoking conversations thta I had last month! My mind is still reeling 

Speaking of reeling, did I tell ya that I was the featured speaker at Film Atlanta!? Welp I was! It was totally awesome! I love telling people about the right way to use the social tools to grow their personal brand. stay tuned to all of my blogs, facebook posts and tweets to find out more about upcoming classes and seminars that I'll be doing at Film Atlanta.

Some of the highlights that were not related to work was getting to attend a taping of the new BET Comic View with the host Sommore and attending a few free festival's at Piedmont Park and Atlantic Station.

Y'all it's true the only way to really enjoy life is with extra sugar on your Lemon Drop shot's! So you guessed it I'm off to enjoy...  tah tah for now..;-)