Friday, June 10, 2016

Friends, Family, Faith & Fearlessness



   1. without fear; bold or brave

After getting stuck up on a hill in the middle of the night WITH NO PHONE SERVICE just outside of El Paso, Texas during a thunderstorm/flash flood and having a"God, you better do something!" moment with the Lord. The Doggy Diva Diamond and I made it to Pheonix, talking to various cousins along the way(when there was service). Chatting with"the cousins" not only provided me with companionship but allowed me an audience to discuss what it means to be fearless and live life fearlessly. Two of my older cousins that are part of the 50 & fabulous club felt that simple things like moving across country, to a new city and starting a new career over the age of 40 was a fearless and slightly bad ass thing to do! While another set of cousins in the 40 can't last forever club was like "Girl, what took you so long!...You're such a slacker" frame of mind. And when specifically asked what type of life changes would they think it took to add someone to the "living life fearlessly" club, they specifically stated things like living and working abroad, starting their own business, trying things that most black people wouldn't (or what the media tells us aren't stereotypical black things) like learning to fly a plane, zip-lining and jumping out of a plane (apparently some of my cousins are secretly bad ass too)!  So, now I'm getting a glimpse of what other people see in me and why some of them would think that I'm fearless! I mean, after all, I did move across country, to a new city, no job, and very little family. And while I have yet to learn to fly a plane but I have jumped from a plane, zip-lined while on vacation and well I did have my own start-up (remember Goszip Mall, y'all?) Wow! Looking at things from a new perspective I'm looking at the palm trees that are coming up on my left and pop in Pac's, "California love" and I'm feeling a little bad ass and thinking yep I'm experiencing a bit of fearlessness and you know what? I think I like it! 
Chatting with "the cousins" helped keep me focused, entertained and gave me a new perspective on what "living life fearlessly" really is! And you know what else happened on the ride back to Cali? I conquered my fear of driving across country by myself! I only had 2 panic attacks on the ride home and hey don't judge me,you never know what you'll do when stuck in a flash flood & thunderstorm in the middle of texas, at night! 
Hope you enjoy the pic's and yessssssssssss ,I took a meeting at BuzzFeed before reaching my next set of cousins! More about that later.
Anyhoo I'm gonna shut it down for a bit I'm gonna visit with my lil cousin and talk Warrior's basketball y'all! 
Conquered My Fears

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