Sunday, June 5, 2016

Living Fearlessly With Family

When we last chatted, I'd left  you to ponder what the word "Fearless" means to you and then I gave you the dictionary's definition of the word (see below).



   1. without fear; bold or brave

After sliding through Slidell I was able to get my brother from another on the phone again and asked him to explain why he thought that I was fearless. His response because you never let ANYTHING stop you! I was like WOW is that what people think? I mean I'm about to pull up to my glamson's house with a police escort (Y'all ain't ready for that story yet)! I'm thinking and feeling like my move back to the Bay is a I've lost the battle and I'm turning tail and running home to Daddyo! I mean sure I was able to launch Goszip Mall and I held the Sassie's Festival back in 2013 and my Cupcakes & Code events turn out cool all the time. AND I did move across country just me and the Doggy Diva Diamond buuuut I'm not really sure if that makes me fearless or not.

Welp the Boys in Blue, got me to the GlamSon's house, but before I go, "What makes a person fearless to you" ? Leave me a note in the comments.
Police escort to GlamSon's house

Before getting back on the road I'm going to share a collage of some of the time I spent with my Glambabies. O, the things the glamkids and I got into while spending 5 amazing days in NOLA(you really are different there)

We attended one of  A3's first ever little league games; he was totally awesome! Not afraid to hit the ball at all and you should have seen him run those bases like a vet! He was the only one that the coach didn't have to tell what to do and when.

 Now that glamdaughter of mine.....she's the epitome of the word FEARLESS and YES her superpowers are in her tiara. Just like her Bella she wears one everyday (YES, she has several different ones. Bella will have to step up her tiara game).  Look at the pictures of her in the collage you will see her sitting in the fire truck...well she asked the fire chief if she could use their bathroom and when we came out, she ran straight to the truck and climbed up and asked for a picture. Mi Chanta had to join her because well Bella wanted her to be safe anyhoo that lil girl knows no fear!

So while I don't believe that I, myself am fearless those Glambabies of mine definitely are!

Ahh well it's time to head west....sigh...bye NOLA 



  1. Karen, I believe adults are "fearless" when they feel the fear but take the risk anyway, that's also the definition of Courage. I can imagine a person feeling fearless, but that's a medical condition called Urbach-Wiethe disease. It's rare and the people with this illness often put themselves in danger without realizing it. Fearlessness in children, like your beautiful grandchildren, is a different thing altogether. Fearlessness in children shows they feel safe. Their parents have provided encouragement to be curious, to explore, to find out, and to stretch their imaginations. These are some very lucky kids.

    1. Aunt Juana, I've always loved your insight! You're so wise....I'm glad we're back in touch I love the thought provoking convo's that we have. And you're soo right about the children who are fearless it is because they feel safe and that their adults will let no harm come to them (another reason to be a proud mom...their parents are doing a great job)!

  2. Karen, you're brave and courageous. You size up a situation, find a solution, and put it into action. I'm so happy you have moved to the Bay Area. My chance of seeing you has just increased. Love you.

  3. Auntie, most definitely! i'll be in Sac before July ends so we will definitely sync up. And I love you too!